How to Score Free Stuff- Freebie Websites

Freebie websites are a great resource for helping you save money. Every day a few goodies arrive in my mailbox. In addition to making every trip to the mailbox exciting, freebies can aid you in scoring a plethora of goods without spending a dime!

I’ve been taking advantage of freebie websites for a few months now and I can honestly say that free samples have helped introduce me to some great products. Free samples are wonderful for both the consumer and the company. They allow the company to increase brand recognition, introduce customers to new products, and, often, receive valuable feedback regarding their merchandise. They benefit consumers by allowing them to sample new products for free and, if they’re serious about seeking them out, build a stockpile of goods for very little investment.

There are a couple of items that I haven’t purchased in a few months because I’ve used freebie sites to build a stockpile. These readily available items are: feminine wipes, tampons, small pads of paper (I make grocery shopping lists on these frequently), and drink mixes. These are the items that I’ve found to present themselves most often on freebie web sites. In addition to these items, I’ve also received free food samples, magazines (currently have a six month free subscription to Oprah and Seventeen), cleaning supplies, dog treats, deodorant, makeup, and many other items through the mail.

Here are links to the freebie websites that I most frequently visit:

And here’s a great list of the top things that you should stop buying right now.

Do you know of any great freebie websites? If so, please leave them in the comments!


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