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My Introduction to Couponing

At nineteen I learned the power of a coupon. Since I was a little girl, my goals had always involved being a homemaker and a mother. When my husband offered me the opportunity to stay at home, it made sense for me to take him up on his offer. It’s always been my belief that a homemaker should contribute to her household in as many ways as possible. In addition to doing all of the cleaning, cooking, and shopping that is required, I wanted to contribute financially as much as I could.

I always knew that it was possible to save a lot of money with couponing. I’d occasionally see a woman on The Today Show who could walk out of the grocery store with a basket full of food for an incidental expense.  While I never couponed, I tried to take advantage of BOGO (buy one get one free) sales and store-brand items. But, after I tied the knot, I decided to step up my game.

I used the Internet to search for blogs about couponing. It didn’t take long for me to find a plethora of information about coupons organized by other frugal women. Their savings were spectacular!

My first week of couponing went fairly well. Instead of taking advantage of coupon matchups at the supermarket (which I’ll talk about later), I started slow by making use of CVS’s Extra Care Buck deals. The first purchase I ever made with a coupon went as follows:

     Three Scotch Mailers
     Four Candy Bars
     One Starbucks Drink

I remember the total for my shopping trip came to a whopping $0.08. I was floored! Now, these savings look normal (if not paltry), but at the time I was shocked! That small transaction had a strong effect on me. Since that day, every grocery shopping trip I’ve set out on has involved a large stack of coupons.

To show you how far I’ve come, here are some numbers:
Prior to couponing, I had a grocery budget of $300/month for two people. Now, my budget is $80/month for two people and I routinely come in well under my goal. In fact, my grocery shopping is done for the week (9/13- 9/19) and I’ve only spent $14 this month! I anticipate lowering my monthly allowance as I learn more about couponing and have time to figure out what numbers work best for my family.

I plan on making a large Publix shopping trip next week. I’ll make sure to take pictures of my bounty and link to the sites that help me come up with my ideas.